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Members have access to our webinar library where educators and leaders discuss meaningful practices in teaching and learning social studies. Sessions include town-hall conversations and experienced educators troubleshooting problems and share resources. 



  •    Moving Your Social Studies Classes Online
  •    Google Forms & its G-Suite to Teach Social Studies
  •    Language Matters: Teaching Social Studies
  •    "Respectful Talk" Workshop for Grades 3-12
  •    Global & Social Studies Education in Grades 7-12
  •    Social Studies Education During a Global Pandemic
  •    Tech-Tools for Primary Sources
  •    Teaching the 27 Amendments & their Historical Roots
  •    Distance Learning Without Internet Access
  •    Personal Finance & Economic Online Resources w/ Federal Reserve of Cleveland
  •    Tools for Learning Online with Littles in Social Studies
  •    History UnErased: LGBTQ+ Visibility in Social Studies
  •    Ohio History Part I (The Ohio Experiment)
  •    Ohio History Part II (Ohio Must Lead)
  •    Quick Tips and Tricks for Deliberative Digital Discussions
  •    Integrating English Language Arts and Social Studies


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