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Webinars for educators

Webinars last 50 minutes, center on discussing meaningful practices in teaching and learning social studies, and engages participants in a town-hall conversation with experienced teacher to troubleshoot problems and share resources. 


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      Moving Your Social Studies Classes Online

      Never taught online before? This presentation will focus on taking traditional lessons and adapting them for online delivery. Instructional strategies will also be shared that best enhance student engagement and learning. Dr. harms will share how to turn a traditional PowerPoint into a recorded lecture for students to view. Prerecorded lectures can also be used. Google form quizzes are used to ensure students fill out their guided notes. Dr. Harms will also share some technology based projects students can do from home.

      Dr. David Harms

      ·         MP4

      ·         PowerPoint

      Google Forms & its G-Suite to Teach Social Studies

      Google Forms is a very high-yield tool as you get started with online delivery because it allows you to manage asynchronous learning quickly and efficiently. Whether you are new to Google Forms, just want to brush up or see new tricks come to get a quick tour of how it can very efficiently support your online social studies classroom. Examples will be through social studies and can be used in your classroom.

      Mr. Adam Motter

      ·         PowerPoint

      Language Matters: Teaching Social Studies

      No matter what social studies subject you teach, you are teaching about people. How do you refer to groups of people who have a history of being marginalized? Are you putting "people first" when referring to persons with disabilities? What terms do you use when teaching slavery in the United States? Enslaved person or slave? Indigenous Persons/Native Americans? Occupation terms that are gender-neutral or gender-specific? What about topics for students that identify as a part of the LGBTQ+ communities? How do we discuss categories and identities respectfully? Join us for a fluid discussion on how language matters.

      Mr. Jim O’Connor

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      ·         PowerPoint

      "Respectful Talk" Workshop for Grades 3-12

      Speaking and listening skills are critical components of students' language and literacy development. Let’s explore how to help students find and fine-tune their academic voice through respectful classroom discussions and Socratic seminars.

      Mr. Corbin Moore

      ·         MP4

      ·         PowerPoint

      Global & Social Studies Education in Grades 7-12

      What do you do to internationalize the curriculum?  We will look at fun and educational ways to take what you're already teaching and give it an international flair.  From some general resources to specific activities to enhance the international perspective, we will discuss tools for elementary, intermediate, middle, high, and even university levels.  

      Mr. Bill Hilt

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      Social Studies Education During a Global Pandemic

      How can students practice citizenship during this emergency? How can social studies teachers help equip students to practice being responsible and supporting their family and community (local to global). Come join us as we explore methods that help support student action inside their home and beyond.

      Dr. Brad Maguth& Mr. Adam Motter

      ·         MP4

      ·         PowerPoint

      Tech-Tools for Primary Sources

      This webinar will provide teachers with strategies and tools to help students interact with primary sources both in the classroom and when learning remotely. Special attention will be given to strategies that can be employed for asynchronous learning, for classes that are not meeting in real time.

      Mr. Ryan Suskey

      ·         MP4

      ·         PowerPoint

      Teaching the 27 Amendments & their Historical Roots

      Do your students struggle learning the 27 Amendments and their historical roots? I am an urban, American government teacher with 25 years of experience and am excited to share with you ways to engage students  using guided notes, mnemonics, and differentiated instruction.  Learn how to master these techniques and prepare students for the American Government end of course exam!

       Ms. Gloria Wu

      ·         MP4

      ·         Resources

      Distance Learning Without Internet Access

      Being asked to move to distance learning when you are a typical face-to-face instructor can be daunting and if you add in all the students without reliable access to the internet, it seems almost impossible. This webinar will help you navigate our new territory and show you resources that are asynchronous and can be completed online, or printed on paper. 

      Ms. Elizabeth Crawford

      Personal Finance & Economic Online Resources w/ Federal Reserve of Cleveland

      Enhance your virtual classroom with FederalReserveEducation.org and learn how to incorporate innovative (and FREE) lesson plans, publications, historic replicas, online exhibits and interactive activities to create a robust curriculum plan that draws visual learners to topics around economic & U.S. history, the Federal Reserve, money and personal finance, college and career readiness and more. Participants will also be given a 6-week resource list for learners in Pre-K through high school!

       Ms. Cariss Turner Smith
      Tools for Learning Online with Littles in Social Studies

      Looking for online tools and resources to teach social studies to young learners (Gr. K-5)? Join Amy, a distinguished elementary educator of 25 years who now teaches at the I Promise School (Akron, OH), to learn tips and tools that connect history and social studies to literacy acquisition. 

      Ms. Amy Rudd 

      History UnErased 

      This webinar will provide educators with high-quality instructional materials to contextualize LGBT+ history and present all students with a more complete -- and complex -- story of America. Join History UnErased as they demonstrate how these resources encourage a non-judgmental, age-appropriate critical analysis of primary sources to develop civics-based knowledge acquisition, transferable life skills, and enduring understandings.

      Deb Fowler & Dr. Steve LaBounty-McNair
      Ohio Department of Education: Social Studies Updates

      Join us for news, updates, and notes from the Ohio Department of Education.

      Ms. Linda McKean
      Ohio History Part I (The Ohio Experiment) Join us for a conversion with historian Dr. Kern as he discussed the political establishment of Ohio. This includes the Land Ordinance of 1785, the Northwest Ordinance, early settlement, and its statehood.

      Dr. Kevin Kern

      Co-author of Ohio: A History of the Buckeye State (2013)

      Ohio History Part II (Ohio Must Lead) The second part to our conversation with historian Dr. Kern as he discusses Ohio’s section conflict and the Civil War.

      Dr. Kevin Kern

      Co-author of Ohio: A History of the Buckeye State (2013)

      Quick Tips and Tricks for Deliberative Digital Discussions

      We have discovered that the online environment offers us unique tools that can enrich discussion in stand-alone ways and also in ways that enrich face-to-face interactions. In this interactive Zoom session, experience numerous Zoom tools as well as other free Web 2.0 tools like Flipgrid and Voicethread.

      Nancy Patterson &   Josh Spiegal

      Dr. Patterson is Editor of At the Schoolhouse Gate: Teacher, Student, and Administrator Perspectives on 1st Amendment Rights in Schools (Forthcoming)

      Integrating English Language Arts and Social Studies

      Gain access to instructional tools and strategies to connect English Language Arts to the teaching and learning of social studies. Dr. Joanna Weaver
      Maslow Before Bloom: Self-Care Techniques & Tools
      This session will go beyond talking about self-care to literally engaging participants in self-care practices and techniques. This escape will include happiness, global music videos, guided meditation, and a mini-dance party that you won’t want to miss. See you there!

       Stacey M. Gordon

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