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Dr. James Sheehan Pre-Service Social Studies Teacher Award

Dr. James J. “Jim” Sheehan devoted his professional career to preparing a new generation of social studies educators who utilize best practices in the classroom and strive to become social studies professionals engaged in the work of the Ohio Council for the Social Studies and NCSS. Jim brought his Miami University students to OCSS conferences each year where he assisted them in making their first professional presentations to colleagues. Through donations of his friends and colleagues, OCSS developed a program to honor Jim’s life work by recognizing outstanding new social studies professionals. OCSS seeks to recognize outstanding new pre-service professionals from each of Ohio’s teacher training institutions. It is our intent to recognize talented students and assist them as they transition to classroom teachers. Each teacher training institution in Ohio may select one student in their social studies education program to nominate each year. Students are selected based on leadership and scholarship exhibited as students in the education program.

2016 Jim Sheehan PreService Teacher Award Winners

Daniel Cole

University of Cincinnati

Nominated by Dr. Prentice T Chandler

Throughout his time at the University of Cincinnati, Daniel Cole has gone above and beyond in his coursework and in his teaching responsibilities. This is evident not only from his class standing but also from the numerous commendations of the faculty at the University of Cincinnati who have worked with him over the years. Daniel has shown the utmost respect and professionalism throughout his time not only as a student at the University but also as a preservice educator in the field.  Daniel is wholly committed to improving and inspiring the lives of students entrusted to his care. Daniel’s service to the University of Cincinnati and to local schools exemplify his commitment to education and to the profession of teaching.

Erik Spinelli

University of Akron

Nominated by Dr. Brad Maguth

While at The University of Akron, Mr. Spinelli majored in Integrated Social Studies Education, earned a Second Major in History, and will receive his State of Ohio teaching license in Adolescent Young Adult Social Studies Education. Mr. Erik Spinelli excelled as a social studies student teacher during his time at Coventry Middle School. During this placement Erik proved himself as a well-rounded educator that’s deeply committed and skilled in meeting the needs of diverse learners. He shined teaching both 7th and 8th grade social studies, and successfully engineered instructional activities that brought the social studies to life for his students.  As a student teacher, Erik helped out with the Coventry Baseball team, attended track meets, participated in parent teacher conferences, and chaperoned the Washington D.C. field trip for the 8th graders. His Coventry Middle School students gained tremendously from such planned and implemented activities as mock elections, a Constitutional Handbook projected that allowed students to analyze historical documents, and a Historical Figure Facebook Project.

Andrew Hurley

Miami University

Nominated by Dr. Thomas Misco

Andrew consistently exhibits an uncommon flair for thinking deeply about complex issues, curriculum design, pedagogical employment, and modification of learning experiences for a wide-range of students. His teaching manner exhibits equipoise, humility, inquiry, and curiosity. Andrew’s content knowledge is impressive and he demonstrates a commitment to the field of social studies education. Jim Sheehan would be quite proud of Andrew’s accomplishments and future promise.

Zackery Delloma

Wright State University

Nominated by Dr. Ron Helms

Zackery Delloma was selected for this honor based on his work at Fairborn High School. During his time there he worked with Mrs. Alision Latino teacher of Social Studies, Mr. Jason Skidmore Department Chair of the Social Studies Department and Charles Spain an Intervention Specialist. He taught freshmen World Studies, American History and Honors American History. He was asked to work with three inclusion classrooms, two non-inclusion classrooms and an Honors class. Due to health concerns with his cooperating teacher he was asked to take charge in the classroom early becoming the lead teacher in the classroom. Zackery also coached youth basketball at Wright Patterson Airforce Base. He took control of the classroom during the difficult time in which he seamlessly took charge and continued on with the education of his students during a difficult time for his cooperating teacher.


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