Social Studies with Reading, Writing, and Research at the Core

Registration opens May 5, 2014

When taught well, history and social studies courses engage students in an active examination of the past and the world in which we live.  Literacy and research skills are at the heart of effective social studies instruction.  The transition to Ohio’s Learning Standards for Social Studies and  ELA Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and the recent release of NCSS’s College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework provides teachers with guidance and an opportunity to reinvent traditional social studies classes through regular analysis and close reading of primary and secondary source documents and by defending positions with evidence in classroom discussions and/or in writing.  The Ohio Council for the Social Studies is pleased to offer our online course entitled, Social Studies with Reading, Writing, and Research at the Core (first offered during the summer of 2013).   This course introduces intermediate, middle and high school teachers to several tools and strategies that can be used to integrate disciplinary literacy skills into their lessons and to challenge students to think like historians, geographers, economists, and political scientists.

Module Topics include:

  • Shifts in Social Studies Instruction and Tools for Transitioning to Ohio’s New Learning Standards for Social Studies
  • Balancing and Blending Ohio’s New Learning Standards with the ELA Common Core State Standards
  • What is Historical Thinking and why does it matter?
  • Introduction to the Reading Like a Historian Approach
  • Sourcing, Contextualization, and Close Reading
  • Differentiation, Scaffolding, and Adapting Sources
  • Corroboration of Evidence and Importance of Discussion
  • Reporting Out – Assessing Student Learning through Writing
  • Research Simulations, Document-based Questions, and Formal Essays

To register for the course, you will need to complete the following:

    • Fill out the online registration form and  pay the $20 course fee for current members / $50 for non-members ($50 fee includes OCSS 1-year membership) at the Ohio History Store.
    • Participants interested in taking the course for an optional 1 graduate credit will need to fill out an  Akron University registration form and pay an additional $145 to the University of Akron.
    • Sign up for a FREE account (An access code for your section will be sent to you via email about 1 week before the course begins).  A video tutorial has been created to get you started.

If you have questions about the course, please contact Corbin Moore at  Questions about graduate credit should be directed to Dr. Brad Maguth ( at the Akron University.

5 Comments on “Social Studies with Reading, Writing, and Research at the Core

  1. This was a great course! Well organized and it ran smoothly! I recommend any and all teachers, especially those who are unsure of the new Thinking like an Historian components in our Standards, take this course!

  2. Does registration open on May 5th for the “Part II” version of the course, or are you repeating the course from last year?

    • We are rolling out the course from last year with a new course entitle, “Why won’t you just tell us the Answer” in June. We will be building Part 2 or the follow-up to the original course this Summer with hopes to offer it in July or in October after the Fall OCSS Conference.

  3. I just heard positive comments about this course in Scott Petri’s MOOC. Will you be offering this course again in 2015?

    • Yes. We will be offering it, along with an online book study Bruce Lesh’s book, “Why won’t you just tell us the answer?” this summer. We are also trying to put together a course based on the Founding Documents using RLAH and C3 Framework methods.

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