SB 165 Founding Docs Law

Governor Kasich signing SB 165 on March 30, 2012.

Information on Am. Sub. S.B. 165 (Historical Documents)

In compliance with Am. Sub. S.B.165, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has revised and posted syllabi and model curriculum for the high school American History and American Government courses. ODE also has posted the revised model curricula for grades four and eight.

This legislation also requires that not later than July 1, 2013, local boards of education are to adopt interim end-of-course examinations for American history and American government. These interim examinations are to be used until the state end-of-course examinations are selected. Ohio’s end-of-course examinations for American history and American government are to be determined by July 1, 2014.

Below are resources on Am. Sub. S.B. 165.  More will be added to assist school districts with the interim end-of-course examinations.


More Information about SB 165

Click this link for the Columbus Dispatch Story.

Click here for a message  from the OCA President, Chris Long, about the passage of SB 165.

The Exchange Club offers schools the opportunity to display a collection of historical American Documents with their Freedom Shrine Program.

Salem Library Collection   freedom shrine

Ohio Secretary of State Launches Founding Fathers Website (click image to access site)

Ohio's Founding Fathers

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