New Social Studies Standards

NCSS Releases C3 Framework

College, Career, and Civil Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies Standards

Developed under the auspices of the Social Studies Assessment, Curriculum and Instruction (SSACI) and a consortium of social studies related national organizations the C3 Framework was published in September, 2013. The National Council for the Social Studies was a driving force in the development of the framework.

SSACI is a collaborative facilitated by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), but the framework is different than the Common Core Standards in Mathematics and English/Language Arts. The C3 Framework does not focus on content, but the approaches, skills and dispositions that will guide states in developing their own social studies standards. The framework centers around the four dimensions of the Arc of Inquiry, guiding students from the framing of questions through data gathering and analysis, examination of the questions through the frames of core social studies disciplines, communicating findings and taking civic action.

You can download a copy of the C3 Framework at

A PowerPoint explaining the C3 Framework (presented at the 2013 OCSS Conference) is available here-  C3 Framework for OCSS.


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