Ohio’s New Learning Standards

Transition to Ohio’s New Learning Standards and Assessments for K-12 Social Studies 

The State Board of Education has adopted the Ohio Revised Standards in Social Studies as part of Ohio’s New Learning Standards for academic learning. The Kindergarten – Grade 12 standards will be fully in use in Ohio classrooms by 2014-2015. ODE encourages districts to start implementing the Ohio’s New Learning Standards: K-12 in Social Studies now to better prepare students for 2014-2015 and beyond.  Click here to go directly to ODE’s webpage for Ohio’s New Learning Standards for the Social Studies.

CLICK HERE to access ODE’s “Ohio’s New Learning Standards for the Social Studies Page”

Content Standards

Model Curricula

Ideas and Problems



ODE ContactsDwight Groce
Social Studies Consultant
(614) 387-3200

Linda McKean
Social Studies Consultant
(614) 387-0957

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