OCSS Position Statement

The Social Studies Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) currently assesses both the 9th grade World History and 10th grade American History courses.  In order to pass the OGT students, need instruction in both World and American History.  During the 2014-15 school year, this de facto requirement goes away as the new American History and Government end-of-course exams come online, and the OGT is phased out.  Future Ohio graduates may choose not to take or not have the option to take World History, leaving them with a limited knowledge base and understanding of world civilizations, world events, and the global economy as they enter college, military, or job market.  The Ohio Department of Education has already developed new learning standards, model curriculum, and course syllabus for World History, as well as two additional world studies courses:  World Geography and Contemporary World Issues.  The Ohio Council for the Social Studies recommends the passage Ohio Senate Bill 96, which will ensure that Ohio high school students take a World History course as a part of the 3 social studies credits required for graduation.  Since schools currently offer World History as a course to prepare students for the OGT, they will not need additional staffing or resources to meet the new requirement.  Ideally, students would also be assessed with an end-of-course exam, but even without an assessment, a required credit will ensure Ohio’s students will continue to receive instruction in world history and civilizations.

 CLICK HERE to for a printable copy of the position statement for Save World History in Ohio Campaign.

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