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The Capitol Square Foundation, the John Glenn College at The Ohio State University, and iCivics today announced a partnership to create a web-based, interactive citizenship curriculum that will focus on Ohio civics education. This resource will empower teachers, students, and the public to develop the next generation of Ohio citizens. The site will be connected to the existing iCivics website, http://www.icivics.org, which contains civics curriculum on the federal government.

The partnership is as follows: the Capitol Square Foundation will provide funding for the creation of the site, iCivics will be responsible for the construction and development of the site, and the John Glenn College of Public Affairs will be responsible for the content and maintenance of the site. This information will be designed to facilitate Ohio specific civics curriculum to all Ohio teachers and students. Coupled with the existing iCivics content, the three parties believe the website will be an invaluable resource for education and development of civics understanding in the state of Ohio. The partnership also believes the iCivics Ohio website will help to develop and engage future generations to become active participants in their communities.

The partnership, bringing together state specific civics curriculum and corresponding federal civics curriculum, is the first of its kind in the United States.

“The Capitol Square Foundation believes there is nothing more important to the future of our State and Country than developing and maintaining an educated, informed and engaged citizenry. We are thrilled to bring together this partnership that will expand the Foundation’s mission, which is to increase public awareness of and to involve citizens in the history of the Ohio Statehouse and what happens there. We could not imagine partners better suited to achieve this goal” said Charles R. Moses, Chairman of the Capitol Square Foundation.

“In taking a leading role in promoting civics education, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor is providing the driving force for much-needed civics education in which the John Glenn College of Public Affairs is most happy to participate. Justice O’Connor has repeatedly talked about the importance of increasing civics knowledge, not just as an exception, but for all our people and we look forward to working with her and the Capitol Square Foundation in this effort” said Senator John Glenn.

“The initiative reflects my personal commitment to expanding civics education for young people all over this country and illustrates the tremendous strides we can make through collaboration. I am enthusiastic about this launch and our wonderful partners, the Capitol Square Foundation and The John Glenn College,” said Justice O’Conner.

The Foundation recognizes the Jack W. and Sally D. Eichelberger Foundation of Dayton, Ohio as a major contributor to this effort. The parties expect completion of the construction of the site in May 2015. This information will be available to all Ohio schools for the upcoming school year beginning in August 2015. An event to unveil the website will be held in mid-May (details on this event with be released at a later date).

For more information, please contact Beth Waldren, Project Manager, at 614-264-4483 or Jennifer Kennedy; CSF@AssnOffices.com – 614-221-5825 – http://www.capitolsquarefoundation.org

About the Capitol Square Foundation

The Capitol Square Foundation was established in 1987 to increase public awareness of and to involve citizens in the history of the Ohio Statehouse. Its purpose is to raise funds to obtain, restore and maintain artifacts and other items related to the history and enhancement of the grand monument and its adjoining grounds, so that the seat of Ohio’s government may reflect the dignity of the state and its citizens. In 2009, the Foundation and the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board created the Ohio Statehouse Museum. The purpose of the museum is to give all who visit a greater understanding of Ohio government and what happens in the Ohio Statehouse.

About iCivics

iCivics Inc. is nonprofit organization that empowers teachers with effective and engaging resources to develop the next generation of citizens. iCivics was founded by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to develop new and innovative approaches to civic education. iCivics’ game-centered curriculum provides K-12 students with the tools they need for active participation and democratic action. Today iCivics’ innovative resources are used by over 62,000 educators and more than 6.5 million students nationwide, making iCivics one of the largest classroom-based digital civics educational resources in the country. For more information, visit http://www.icivics.org.

About the John Glenn College of Public Affairs

The John Glenn College of Public Affairs was founded on the principle that an informed and involved citizenry is essential for democracy to thrive. The Glenn College’s programs equip students with the skills to become tomorrow’s citizen-leaders or public service professionals. The skills taught at the Glenn College give students the knowledge for civic engagement and the ability to make a lasting change in their communities and the nation.

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