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We will be offering one credit hour from Ashland University for interested attendees of the 2020 OCSS Annual Conference. Registration will be on-site at the conference. The cost of the credit hour will be $180, payable by check or credit card to Ashland University.

Ashland Credit Instructions

Registration will take place at the registration table


Requirements for Credit:

  • Attendance at both conference days and completion of a lesson plan (described below); and
  • Active participation in discussions and activities; and
  • Submitted session attendance log (provided on OCSS website and at registration desk). Submit with your lesson plan on or before October 31, 2020.

As your take-home assignment, create a lesson plan based on two or more of the sessions you attended. The lesson plan should be appropriate to the grade level you teach and be aligned to Ohio’s New Learning Standards: K-12 Social Studies. If your district doesn't have a lesson plan format, please use this template from the Ohio Department of Education.

Mail, e-mail or fax your assignment to:

Elizabeth Hedler
Ohio History Connection
800 East 17th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43211
E-mail Address: ehedler@ohiohistory.org
Fax:  (614) 297-2567

All assignments are due by October 31, 2020. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grades will be assigned by Elizabeth Hedler, the Instructor of Record and OCSS Conference Director.

Graduate Credit Cost:

The cost for one semester hour of graduate credit is $180. Payment will be accepted via check or credit card. Make checks payable to Ashland University. Please note that the Ashland credit fee CANNOT be paid in the same check with which you pay for conference registration. Please be prepared to submit payment when registering for credit at the registration table.

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