The cornerstone of the Ohio Council for the Social Studies visual identity is the logo. The primary logo should be used, without alteration, to officially brand items. Alternate versions of the logo may also be used. Be sure to review the following pages for specific usage guidelines for each version.


Primary Logo

 OCSS Logo Small 2.png






Word Press Theme



To ensure consistent colors are used throughout various media, please adhere to the following color values.  Organization theme colors can be adjusted in the customization menu.  The custom colors selected  for the website are found below.


OCSS Background Colore

OCSS Complementary Colors


Too many type sizes and styles at once can wreck any layout. The default Organization Theme font sizes and styles were developed to balance content density and reading comfort under typical usage conditions. The website’s fonts can be adjusted under the customization menu, but we decided to use the default theme font.


Imagery is more than decoration. It’s a powerful tool to help you communicate. Clear, high-quality imagery helps to engage the user. The following principles and best practices can help you successfully incorporate imagery and bring your designs to life.


  • When using photography to enhance the user experience, choose images that express personal relevance, information, and delight.
  • Use imagery to express a distinctive voice and exemplify creative excellence. For more abstract content, be interpretive. Photographic stock and clipart is neither specific nor interpretive.
  • Make sure your images are appropriately sized for display. Assets should not appear pixelated. To ensure images are consistent in size and shape, make sure all posts are of the dimension 980px by 400px for Slider images and 675px by 372px for highlight stories on the homepage.
  • Be aware that images may have to be adjusted to account for the theme’s main menu bar that overlaps the upper part of slider images.
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