Save Social Studies In Ohio!

Help Us Save Social Studies in Ohio

The State School Board will meet on Sept 18th and 19th to consider a proposal urging the Ohio Legislature to turn the clock back by eliminating or consolidating required end-of-course graduation exams in High School American Government and High School American History. In particular, the introduced legislation reads, “The State Board of Education directs the Ohio Department of Education to seek legislative change so that the American Government high school end-of-course exam would no longer be required.” We know from Ohio researchers that when social studies is not tested, it begins to lose its place in the curriculum.

With the recent elimination of the 4th- and 6th-grade state social studies exams, disinvestment in history and social studies continues to spiral. The social studies and its learning outcomes disproportionately have been affected by cuts, reductions, and eliminations when compared to other core subject areas. Unfortunately, these reductions come at a time when the civic mission of social studies has never been more important. Our state, its students, and Ohio’s communities need active and informed citizens to undertake this nation’s most important office- the Office of Citizen.

Here are two ways you can do this:

One, contact Ohio State School Board members and tell them to vote NO on the proposal that would further make cuts to the history and social studies curriculum, including any reduction in the teaching or testing of High School American Government and High School American History.

Two, advocate for and learn additional ways to support saving social studies in Ohio by attending the state’s largest gathering of history and social studies teachers–the 2017 Ohio Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference, in Cincinnati on September 25th & 26th. You can register and learn more by visiting
Thank you for your support!

Ohio Council for the Social Studies Executive Board

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