Ohio Social Studies Review Call For Manuscripts


Update:  Call for Manuscripts

Submission deadline, May 10, 2017

The editors of the Ohio Social Studies Review, a peer-reviewed publication of the Ohio Council for the Social Studies, issue a call to submit manuscripts for the fall 2017 issue, which is scheduled to launch in October 2017. The Ohio Social Studies Review is published twice a year, once in fall as hard copy and once in spring online. While both issues are open to all types of submissions, the spring issue has a targeted focus that aligns with the theme of the fall Ohio Council for the Social Studies Conference.

The editors of the Ohio Social Studies Review are interested in soliciting manuscripts that add to what we know about best practices and research in social studies, and foster meaningful discussion about the implementation of such in social studies around the world.  The fall 2017 issue welcomes manuscripts on all topics focusing on the social studies and related disciplines as well as those written from interdisciplinary perspectives. The editors have special interest in manuscripts authored by teachers or co-authored by researchers and practitioners that highlight practical responses to persistent challenges and understanding in our field. The Ohio Social Studies Review audience is comprised in large part of practicing classroom teachers; therefore, manuscripts that focus on practical applications and/or effectively relate theory to practice will receive preference.

The OSSR accepts submissions of original full-length manuscripts.  All, submissions will be refereed using a double-blind peer review process.  The OSSR has feature sections that are not peer reviewed.  First, is the “Forum.” This special section presents paired manuscripts offering divergent perspectives on a topic.  If you would like to suggest a dialogue topic for our “Forum” feature, please contact the editor directly. The editors will make the final selection of “Forum” topics either through invitation or from among submissions.   The second section publishes “Resource Reviews.”  Building on the book review concept, authors are invited to submit reviews of software, teaching and learning resources, and of course books!  Resources must be relevant to the social studies and the reviews are limited to 700 words.

Submission Guidelines

Submit your full-length manuscript or special feature article to Scholastica by clicking on the icon below.  

Note: All new authors are required to complete a new user profile prior to submitting their manuscript.

Full-length manuscripts must meet the following criteria in order to be sent out for peer review:

  • Original work that has not been previously published and is not under consideration elsewhere.
  • The manuscript must be prepared for blinded peer-review; free of any and all references to the author or authors.
  • From 1,500-5,000 words in length, including references.

  • Complete contact information for all authors, including address, telephone, and e-mail that is separate from the body of the manuscript.
  • A biographical sketch for each author of 50 words or less must be provided separate from the manuscript.
  • An abstract of 200 words or less in APA style (6th edition) format.
  • Submitted in Microsoft .doc or .docx format.  Manuscripts submitted in pdf will be returned to the author(s).
  • Submitted in Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition) style. Manuscripts that do not comply with APA style will be returned and requests for corrections will be made prior to being sent for peer-review.  See the website for basic APA guidelines and author check sheet.

Should you have questions related to this call, please contact Dr. Victoria Stewart, OSSR Executive Editor, University of Toledo at: victoria.stewart@utoledo.edu,  or Christopher Prokes, OSSR Associate Editor, Sinclair Community College, christopher.prokes@sinclair.edu


Victoria C. Stewart                                             Christopher Prok

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