Ohio Social Studies Supervisors Meetings

Matt Doran, Director, OCSS Supervisors Network (SupNet)

The Social Studies Supervisors Network (OCSS SUPNet) is a working group for social studies leaders (curriculum specialists, supervisors, academic coaches, teacher-leaders, etc.) in Ohio schools. We typically meet three to four times a year in Columbus (including one meeting at the annual conference) to share best practices and receive updates from the Ohio Department Education and various social studies stakeholder groups.

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3 Comments on “Ohio Social Studies Supervisors Meetings

  1. Do you have a standards alignment for Ohio and national social studies standards?

    • Please clarify. Ohio’s standards were developed at the state-level. There are literacy standards for History and Social Studies for grades 6-12 that outline reading, writing, and research skills in the CCSS, but these are not officially part of Ohio’s state standards. The College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework highlights the “Inquiry Arc,” which includes the development of compelling questions, disciplinary skills, analyzing multiple sources, citing evidence, drawing conclusions, and taking informed action. The C3 is a skills framework to help state incorporate best practices and skills into their own state standards. It is not a standards document that outlines content.

      • I am trying to align each grade level 1-8 of Ohio standards and see where they fit with the National standards for social studies. I have already pulled the C3 framework, but am trying to align Ohio with the National.

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