Proposed Online Courses

OCSS Spring Classes

 Proposed Courses include:

  1. Why don’t you just tell me the answer?  A book study of Bruce Lesh’s book on Historical Thinking. 
  2. Social Studies with Reading, Writing, and Research at the Core – Part 2
  3. Analyzing the Founding Documents
  4. Geospatial Thinking  (potential partnership between the Ohio Geographic Alliance and OCSS)
  5. Economics for K-8 Teachers (Micro/Macro/Personal Finance)

If you are interested in helping design or facilitating an OCSS Online Course, please contact Corbin Moore at

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2 Comments on “Proposed Online Courses

  1. What will be different about Part 2 of RWR at the Core? I’d like to be involved with Burce Lesh’s book study: Why don’t you just tell me the answer? I will be looking forward to the course information being posted.

    • In RWR at the Core Part 2, we will be constructing a Reading Like a Historian / DBQ Lesson and Historical Thinking Assessments. Participants will help one another fine-tune their lessons and assessments as we work our way through the modules.

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